Having a phone is more than just enjoying what it can offer, but also maintaining it so it can last. For some people, changing models and replacing an old phone can be feasible. However, for others, this is not always possible. Some people are just not born fortunate who can afford new units. This is where we try to have a mobile computer repair.  

Sometimes a damaged repair is not always obvious to the naked eyes. You need to have eyes and observant skills to identify the signs that your computer is experiencing damage. So, how would you know that your computer needs help and repair?  

1.The system is getting hot – a hot running system is often the common sign of a damaged laptop, which can also cause further damage if left unattended. Computers, PC and laptops, have their own built-in fans that allow the computers to cool off the heating internal parts. Also, fresh air flows in through the vents to provide the same function. However, when the computer is clogged with pet fur and dust, this makes the unit inefficient in cooling off its internal components, until it starts to overheat often, leading to frequent shutdowns.  

2.It crashes and freezes – when you experience frequent restarting, crashing, or freezing, this just means that your computer is experiencing a problem. Besides the fact that it can be serious damage, freezes and crashes are also very annoying and disturbing especially when you are doing work and studies. You will need to restart again, especially when you have not saved the files, rejoin a video conference, etc. Fortunately, crashes and freezes are signs of either a software or hardware problem that can be fixed, so it is not always a threat. You just need to have them repaired by a professional technician. 

3.It is producing noises – of course, noises can be normal for a laptop or computer as it has moving parts. However, normal noises are completely different from noises your computer makes when it has some damages or issues. Some of the noises can be caused by a hard drive clicking or zapping; fans wearing down, screeching, or grinding; and all other parts making uncommon noises. All of these noises are not normal. When one component collapses, it can further cause problems to other parts. Beware.  

4.You experience blue screens of death – the blue screen of death is not normal, and an obvious indication that you have internal damage on your computer. A blue screen means that the system is running but there is something wrong. Having a blue screen once or twice in several months can still be okay. However, when you are having it frequently, you need to check your computer for possible damage. The damage can be internal or external so there is a need to call a professional technician.  

When you experience these problems, you need to call immediately some help from a technician, and avoid relying on your persona repair skills and YouTube tutorials. While other people seem comfortable in fixing their own computers, you also need to take into consideration the effects of improper repairs.