Tips for Marketing Your Brand on Facebook

Because of the pandemic, a lot of businesses, big and small, have resorted to selling and advertising online. There are many platforms that can be used when it comes to advertising and selling such as deliver apps and social media.  

This is why social media marketing has been a trend now, and one of the platforms widely used is Facebook, as it provides free advertising of products and services. However, just because it is free and widely used by many people, there are no techniques that you need to do in order to be effective and efficient in your marketing strategies.  

In this article, we will share with you some of the effective tips to help you more with Facebook marketing.  

1.Do not do hard selling on Facebook – hard selling is characterized by hard-sell tactics such as posting repeatedly about your service or product, or advertising a slogan aggressively. When you try to insist on providing a list of product and service prices in isolation in different conversations, people will be unfollowing you. You need to understand that Facebook is regarded to provide friendly and fun experience for people; chatting, relaxing, meming, checking out for videos and photos, and other fun activities. And hard-selling might become an annoyance for them. Join the conversations as strategically as you can in order to become part of the community, and become an aggressive seller who does not respect time and boundaries.  

2.Be clear with your goal and strategy – it is important to learn strategies in using Facebook effectively. For instance, a shop wants to achieve its goal in increasing its sales generated by Facebook by 10% in the following six months. They are more probably do the following: 

  • Create a good post every morning that features their special of the day (menu) and use a coupon code to attract customers in purchasing the product  
  • Posting a photo of a customer who is the King or Queen for today. The posting needs to be on a daily basis and different kinds of customers.  
  • Encourage their customers and viewers to post their own photos with them enjoying some of their created or favorite coffees. 

3.Use pictures and videos and encourage quick comments and reply – using visual images can increase attraction and appeal to your audience. Use them and encourage your audience to comment or like in different ways like surveys, contests, games, and others. People like the platform to be fun so you need to give them a fun experience with your page.  

4. Nurture your relationship – it takes time to create and build a relationship and this is where you need to be more patient. All you need to do is to consistently engage in conversations sincerely, give useful content, and develop rewards for those customers who patronize your products and/or services. In this way, you will maintain a positive bond and connection with them.  

Other tips you can do: 

  • Promote your Facebook page 
  • Create a human voice rather than an impersonal tone for your business 
  • Post regularly