Why Do You Need to Hire a Security Guard for Business?

Surely, after having years of good business without any security guard services, you would think that having any would never be necessary. We all don’t need anyone protecting our business and customers when nothing bad is happening. This is what Sandy Hook Elementary School thought until an armed assailant killed more than 15 innocent children on the very premise of the school. No one was there to at least prevent the incident to happen.  

Sadly, this is the reality that we now face every day; gunned men and other individuals can just attack anywhere with their weapons, and we might be feeble and weak enough to stop them, or even to prevent them from entering the premise. This is where we start to realize that we need to hire a well-trained, experienced, and qualified security guard from a reputable security service company to keep our building safe, avoiding any kind of criminal mischief.  

The following are the reason for explaining why.  

1.For monitoring – having security cameras might not be of any good when there is no one to respond whenever there is something that happens in real-time. This is why hiring a security guard becomes more helpful and effective. They have the ability to stop the crime from happening, as well as look for signs of criminal acts and act on it before it gets worse. They can also monitor any kind of employee registrations as well as patrol the grounds. Security guards are the first to be there and the last one to exit your building.  

2.There is a reduction in liability – when you train and hire your own security guards, you will be held accountable ad liable to anything they do. For someone owning a business, this is a serious liability. This is why hiring a security guard from security services is safer and more convenient. This ensures that the security guards’ actions will never come back to affect your organization or business. In addition, the security guard will be covered by the company’s insurance, and not yours.  

3.You will have increased flexibility – in connection to liability, hiring your own guard will entail providing them training, insurance, and settling HR issues. When you outsource a security guard from a reputable company, there would be more flexibility on your side. If you want to add or reduce the number of personnel, all you need t do is to call or e-mail the company. If you want a replacement, the company will be quick to provide you one. You will never have to bother yourself with the arrangements and the necessary papers and manpower. The security company service will provide all the necessary documents and transactions. All you need to do is to call.  

4.You will have more confidence – the security guards hired by these companies are well-trained and experienced. They all have undergone training and experience that tested their skills. You will be more confident of their capability to secure your building compared to the one you would be personally hiring.