Similar to why the particular spaces of your house require a deep cleaning every month/year, the particular spaces of your office or workspace require special treatment as well. As a matter of fact, observing at such spaces is a great way to decide whether you have to hire a cleaning expert to execute such tasks or examine your professional cleaning services. More so, such dirty spots might be spreading germs, eliciting a bad impression on your clients, or simply causing your office to be a less pleasant area for you and your staff to work on. Thankfully, you can resolve such issues as soon as you observe them. 

Now, where must you find spaces in your office that really requires deep cleaning? Indeed, each facility varies from another. But, as a cleaning provider the offers deep cleaning for a lot of various commercial spaces, we have observed a few typical culprits that gathers grime and dirt and are usually neglected by some companies. Below are some of our recommendations regarding where to begin your cleaning, or where to ask your cleaning assistants where to clean.  

Flooring and walls 

Floors, particularly carpets, obtain plenty of cleaning attention. However, the areas carpet gets connected with the way are usually forgotten. The walls and the stuff that are hanged on them are nearly never cleaned. If this is your case, then it can possibly make your office or workplace a lot dingier and dustier that it’s supposed to be. Here is a list of where you need to pay attention to and provide some deep cleaning that they also need: curtains, walls, and baseboards. 


Virtually all cleaning service companies will help you deal with the bathroom for you. However, are you certain that they are doing it properly? A lot of company bathrooms require every day—not weekly—a deep cleaning job. Your hired expert cleaning service provider must be concentrating on the following areas that are frequently neglected such as: 

The walls and doors of stalls 

The walls behind sinks and toilets 

Under the toilet bowl rim and the base of toilets 

Personal hygiene bines and inside the garbage bins.  


Undeniably, the kitchen is a massive space for the spills and mess related to food. What could be worse is that only some of the employees will perform any deep cleaning jobs here and their desks as well since the kitchen is not a particular responsibility of anyone. Hence, you haven’t considered hiring a cleaning service provider, it might be challenging enough for you to continue and maintain your tasks every week, never mind the spaces that require a monthly deep clean. Such particular spots that really need to be deep cleaned include your garbage bins, cupboards, grout, and fridge.  

If you require a cleaning service provider that can help maintain your office or workspace, you just have to reach out to Commercial Cleaning Houston TX and they will gladly help you out. Book for a cleaning schedule now!