A couple of improvements can boost the value of a house. This includes installing a new concrete driveway. Homeowners often want this upgrade.  

Nowadays, homeowners appreciate a couple of choices for driveway installation. Of course, each building material provides cons and pros. However, in the opinion of a lot of individuals, a decorative concrete driveway Woodlands provides the ideal ROI (Return on Investment). In almost every area, simple concrete driveways cost around $2.5 to $9.5 per square foot to install.  

Concrete surfaces provide the best support. They can easily endure heavy use. They require small maintenance. Concrete withstand a range of severe weather conditions. Furthermore, a properly installed decorative concrete driveway looks elegant.  

The Cost of Decorative Concrete Driveway 

Though decorative concrete driveways do cost more compared to pain driveways, costs differ greatly on the project. A couple of elegant one-of-a-kind decorative concrete driveway prove unexpectedly affordable. These structures give long term value to the property.  

According to a couple of reports, the cost of installing a pain concrete driveway runs around $2.5 to $9.5 per square foot. If you add a single decorative feature will increase the price to around $5 to $11 per square foot. Using a couple of decorative features runs around $11 to $19 per square foot. This depends on your location. 

One reason why concrete driveway is extremely popular is because of its versatility. A contractor can produce a range of unique driveway colors and styles using concrete. Do you want your driveway to have a black, red, gray, or white color? A professional contractor can help you complement the appearance of your home by adding styles. 

Comparing Alternatives 

You should think about two popular cheap alternatives if you really want to appreciate the great value provided by concrete. Both asphalt and gravel driveways often cost a bit less to install compared to concrete. However, these materials cannot match the ease of maintenance, durability, and cost-effectiveness of concrete over a particular period.  

Concrete vs. Asphalt 

Asphalt as a driveway construction material provides low installation costs, just like concrete. According to a couple of reports, contractors typically charge around $1.5 to $4.5 per square foot for asphalt driveways. In addition to that, asphalt also withstand heavy use as well. But, property owners and homeowners have to provide regular maintenance. If they don’t, the asphalt surface will quickly deteriorate. An asphalt driveway that is well-maintained will last for around 2 decades. However, concrete typically provides a better investment, despite its slightly expensive initial price.  

Concrete vs. Gravel 

The easiest form of driveway to install is with the use of gravel-strewn or dirt track. In a couple of states, these surfaces sometimes produce maintenance headaches for homeowners. During particular seasons of the year, puddles form easily in the bare ground. Aside from that, gravel wears away quickly. The surface needs replacement to maintain. The truth is that gravel driveways require constant yearly update to stay in an attractive state. These driveway costs quickly add up, unless a property owner offers DIY resurfacing.